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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Message Development

What are you trying to say and to whom?

Begin by writing down your primary target audience and a succinct one sentence summary of your main message in language that audience would understand. Then write two more sentences saying why this message is important. Follow up with supportive, but compelling, facts and figures. Finally, figure out detailed messages aimed specifically at particular groups of people.

Now you have a 'Message House' or a 'Message Hierarchy' or whatever you want to call it. You can use that document as the basis of a press release, a presentation, a FAQ, a blog entry, a video or even a Twitter post.

But before you do, stress-test your messages: Ask yourself the questions you really don't want a customer or a journalist to ask. Write down the answers. Are they convincing? If not, you aren't ready to go public with your messages.

For advice or input into message development, please email: pringled@btinternet.com

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