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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Deutsche Telekom Almost Flat

Excluding the acquisition of Sprint and adjusted for exchange rate effects, Deutsche Telekom reported a 0.1% rise in revenue for the first half of 2020. The group said revenue was flat in the U.S., rose 1% in Germany and was stable elsewhere in Europe. However, revenue in the Systems Solutions division fell 2.1%

As of mid-July, DT's 5G network, with around 30,000 antennas, covered 40 million people across Germany, the group said, adding that T-Mobile US' 5G network now covers over one million square miles, including 7,500 towns and cities, and 250 million people.

DT also said its LTE network now covers over 98% of all households in Germany, "but ensuring full coverage along transportation routes is proving a challenge for all of the network operators." A total of 850 LTE sites have either been built from scratch or upgraded with LTE antennas since the start of 2020, the operator noted. source: Deutsche Telekom statement