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Friday, April 1, 2011

3 Group Sees Double Digit Growth

Hutchison Whampoa said its 3 Group division, which provides 3G services in Europe and Australia, increased its revenue by 10% in local currencies in 2010. After translation to Hong Kong dollars, 3 Group's revenues increased 11% to total 64.205 billion Hong Kong dollars (8.25 US dollars). The Group’s registered 3G customer base increased 13% during the year and currently totals over 29.6 million customers. That figure includes approximately 6 million mobile broadband access (laptop) customers, a 32% increase from last year.

Hutchison Whampoa also reported that HTHKH, a Hong Kong listed subsidiary with telecoms operations in Hong Kong and Macau, achieved an increase of 17% in revenue to 9.88 billion Hong Kong dollars. The Hutchison Asia Telecommunications division, which includes start-up mobile operations in Indonesia and Vietnam, as well as mobile operations in Sri Lanka, reported total revenue of 2.49 billion Hong Kong dollars, a 34% increase compared to last year.  At 31 December 2010, Hutchison Asia Telecommunications had a mobile customer base of 25.7 million, a 101% increase during the year. source: Hutchison Whampoa statement

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