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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Alphabet Reports Big Rebound

For the first quarter of 2021, Alphabet reported revenues of 55.3 billion US dollars, up 32% at constant currencies, "reflecting elevated consumer activity online and broad-based increases in advertiser spending within Google Services, as well as ongoing strength in Google Cloud." 

Reporting on its "Other Bets" division, Alphabet said Waymo’s fully autonomous public ride-hailing service in Phoenix is providing hundreds of rides per week. In San Francisco, Waymo has begun limited employee testing. 

Asked about Alphabet's plans for office space in the wake of the pandemic, Ruth Porat, CFO said. "We've been very clear we do value bringing people together in the office. And we're looking at a hybrid work from home, work from office model. As we look forward at developing our real estate footprint for offices, what we factor into it is, first, we are growing our headcount. We are looking at less density per employee. So even with a hybrid work environment, we will continue to need space. And so we're continuing to build out our campuses and office facilities."

Source: Alphabet Investor Relations

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