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Thursday, March 3, 2016

MTN Heralds Mobile Commerce Growth

MTN said its mobile money customer base increased by 56% in 2015 to 34.7 million across 15 countries. The Pan-Africa and Middle East telecoms group added: "In the year, the focus was on the migration of the MTN Mobile Money platform to a more agile platform enabling converged campaigns and incentives, establishing dedicated functions across operations and providing niche services where MTN has a competitive advantage. MTN Mobile Money revenue increased by 55.8% and it now accounts for 16.8% of Uganda’s total revenue and 6% and 6.2% of each of Ghana and Rwanda’s total revenues respectively."

MTN also said AIH and MEIH, its e-commerce joint ventures, now offer a range of Internet services including e-commerce retailing, as well as market place, taxi, travel, classified and food delivery services. "AIH has 10 company verticals in over 23 countries in Africa that are market leaders and recorded approximately 2.3 million customers and 4.4 million transactions in the year.," MTN said. "Jumia is now the #1 online shopping mall in 12 markets in Africa while Lamudi is the #1 real estate classified in 21 countries across Africa. In addition, MEIH has seven company verticals including Wadi, an online shopping retailer delivering a premium online shopping experience in the Middle East."

MTN also claimed to have become the largest distributor of music in Africa and to have more than 800 companies providing 5,500 content services under the lifestyle offering. source: MTN statement

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