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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

China Telecom Doubles Spending on Mobile Networks

China Telecom, China's largest fixed-line operator, said its parent company will spend 47 billion Chinese yuan (6.88 billion US dollars) in 2009 rolling out an EV-DO mobile network covering more than 97% of the urban population and 92% of the rural population. Last year, it spent 23.6 billion yuan on mobile networks.

As it moves into the mobile market, China Telecom itself plans to cut capital spending on fixed-line networks by 19% to 39.2 billion yuan. The Beijing-based company forecasts that by 2011 it will have more than 100 million mobile subscribers, (28 million at the end of 2008) and 65 million fixed-line broadband subscribers (44 million at the end of 2008).

By 2011, China Telecom believes data services will account for more than 35% of mobile service revenue compared with 27% at the end of 2008. In 2008, China Telecom's total revenues grew 4%, stripping out exceptional items, to 184.78 billion yuan. source: China Telecom presentation

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