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Friday, February 2, 2024

Amazon Talks Up Gen AI Opportunity

Amazon believes demand for generative AI (gen AI) is a major opportunity for its cloud business AWS. It has identified three distinct layers in the gen AI stack, "each of which is gigantic and [in] each of which we're deeply investing."

At the bottom layer, customers, who are building their own models, run training and inference on specialised chips. Amazon says customers using its AI chips include Anthropic, Airbnb, Hugging Face, Qualtrics, Ricoh and Snap.

In the middle layer, companies seek to leverage an existing large language model, and customise it with their own data, as a managed service. Amazon said that thousands of customers are already using its new Bedrock proposition in this layer.

The top layer of the stack is the application layer. Amazon has launched Amazon Q, a gen AI application that is intended to be an expert on AWS, and can write, debug and test code, and can also query customers’ various data repositories and answer questions, summarise the data, conduct a coherent conversation, and take action. Source: Amazon earnings transcript

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