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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Alphabet Maintains Some Momentum

Alphabet reported a 16% rise in revenues in the second quarter to 69.7 billion US dollars at constant currencies. It also gave some new data points:

  • People are using Google Lens to do visual searches more than eight billion times per month. 
  • People are shopping across Google more than one billion times each day
  • There are more than three billion monthly active devices running Android worldwide. Last year, consumers activated one billion Android phones.
  • YouTube Shorts are watched by over 1.5 billion signed-in users every month, with more than 30 billion daily views. 
  • YouTube TV has surpassed five million subscribers, including trialists.

Alphabet also reported that Waymo expanded rider-only testing with employees to include downtown Phoenix, and started testing at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport. It also began charging "Trusted Tester" riders in San Francisco, a step closer to launching a commercial service with fully autonomous trips.  Source: Alphabet collateral 

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