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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Apple Has Paid Out $50 billion to Developers

Apple said its App Store now offers two million apps, which have been downloaded 130 billion times. The device maker also claimed that there are now 13 million registered developers building for Apple’s platforms, an increase of two million in the past year, and that it has paid out a total of 50 billion US dollars directly to developers. source: Mobile World Live article

Announcing a new iPhone operating system (iOS 10), Apple revealed that Messages is the most frequently used iOS app. It said that "iOS 10 brings the power of the App Store to Messages, opening up new opportunities for developers to create fun new ways for users to communicate in a thread, including stickers to be peeled and pasted into conversations, the ability to quickly personalise GIFs or edit photos, send payments or schedule dinner or a movie, all from within Messages." source: Apple statement

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