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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Deutsche Telekom Pinpoints Future Growth

Deutsche Telekom said it expects its annual revenue from mobile data traffic to increase from 4 billion euros today to around 6 billion euros by 2012 and around 10 billion euros by 2015. T-Mobile USA expects more than 50% of the phones used in on its network by 2012 will be smartphones.

DT expects to increase revenues from “intelligent networks” serving the energy, healthcare, media, and automotive sectors to around 1 billion euros by 2015. In Germany, the group plans to invest around 10 billion euros between 2010 and 2012 in “fiber optics, new mobile communications technologies, and IT processes”.

DT also plans to expand its own Internet offerings – such as the Scout24 family, Musicload, Videoload, Softwareload and Gamesload – and increase the revenues they generate from 800 million euros today to between 2 billion and 3 billion euros by 2015.

The group also aims to increase revenues from the provision of access to content and services across all screens in the home (including broadband access) from 5 billion euros to around 7 billion euros in 2015. Meanwhile, T-Systems, DT’s services arm, is planning to lift its external revenue by 2 billion euros to around 8 billion euros in 2015. source: Deutsche Telekom statement

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