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Friday, February 7, 2020

Vodafone Meets Demand for Unlimited Data

Vodafone reported a 6.8% year-on-year rise in group revenue for the quarter ending December 31 to 11.75 billion euros. However, on an organic basis, service revenue rose just 0.8%, as growth in Africa was offset by declines in Europe.

Vodafone said it is now offering "new speed-tiered unlimited mobile data plans"  in the seven markets where it has launched 5G. "We reached an unlimited consumer customer base of 3 million SIMs" at the end of the quarter, Vodafone reported, adding: "Reflecting the success of our unlimited plans, data volumes on our mobile networks continued to grow strongly in Europe in [the quarter], rising by 45%. Average smartphone usage for our overall customer base increased to 4.5 GB/month (+1.2 GB year-on-year)."

Vodafone also said its new agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy AWS Wavelength solutions at the edge of Vodafone's 5G networks, will deliver a 5-10 times reduction in latency. "The new services will help support artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, video analytics, autonomous vehicles, robotics and drone control, and will generate incremental revenues for the Group," it added. source: Vodafone statement

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