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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Competition Cramps Orange France

On a comparable basis, Orange reported a 0.1% fall in revenues to 10.2 billion euros for the first quarter. Although revenues rose 5% in the Middle East and Africa, the group was dragged down by a 1.8% fall in revenues in France, where it faced a "fierce promotional environment."

Fixed-mobile "convergence continues to be an engine for growth and loyalty for the group," noted  St├ęphane Richard, CEO of the Orange Group. "We are the European leader in this field with over 10 million customers, representing nearly 40% of our consumer revenues for the continent."

Orange Money revenues climbed 29% in the first quarter of 2019 with the active customer base growing 20% year-on-year to15.5 million.   "This quarter marks a new milestone in our multi-services operator strategy," added Richard.  "In addition to our initiatives in mobile financial services in Africa and Europe, we have launched two new offers in France that will capitalise on our presence in the home: “Home protection” is a remote monitoring service that is already off to a very encouraging start, and “Connected home” brings together our ambitions for IoT in the home." source: Orange statement

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