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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ericsson Hits More Headwinds

Leading network equipment supplier Ericsson reported a 1% year-on-year fall in sales to 73.6 billion Swedish krona (8.6 billion US dollars) on a like-for-like basis for the fourth quarter of 2015.

Hans Vestberg, Ericsson CEO, said: "In North America, the mobile broadband investments remained stable, with additional hardware sales in the quarter. 4G deployments in Mainland China recovered after a weak third quarter. Emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Mexico remained strong while markets such as Russia, Brazil and parts of the Middle East continued to be weak, mainly due to macro-economic developments. Investments in Europe were driven by the transition from 3G to 4G and capacity enhancements. Operators increased their investments in telecom core networks, driven by deployment of new service offerings such as VoLTE (Voice over LTE)."

Ericsson also noted that its IPR licensing revenues have tripled over the past five years and it now has agreements with the majority of handset suppliers. source: Ericsson statement

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