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Friday, February 20, 2015

Telecom Italia Targets Digital Identity and Security

Telecom Italia said its service revenues declined 4% year-on-year in the fourth quarter to 4.9 billion euros on an organic basis. That was an improvement on the 6% decline in the third quarter.  In the fourth quarter, service revenues fell 5% in Italy and 3% in Brazil.

Telecom Italia also announced its strategic plan for 2015-2017, which envisages a stepping up of its investment programme in both Italy and Brazil. It said: "Investments in Italy in the three year period 2015-2017 will total approximately 10 billion euros, around 5 billion of which solely for innovative developments (NGN, LTE, Cloud Computing , Data Centres, Sparkle and Transformation). By the end of 2017, Telecom Italia will reach 75% of the population with optic fibre, and over 95% with the 4G mobile network, positioning itself as leader in the infrastructure development of the country. In Brazil, total investment will be increased to over 14 billion reais (corresponding to over 4 billion euros, at current exchange rate)."

The telco also outlined what it sees as its role in the digital economy (see slides). It said: "Telecom Italia confirms its role as enabler of the new digital life, making available not only forms of entertainment in very high definition even on mobile devices, but also improving the daily lives of their customers (electronic government and healthcare, smart homes, digital identity, electronic payment systems)." source: Telecom Italia statement

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