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Saturday, April 26, 2014

NTT DOCOMO Forecasts Turnaround

NTT DOCOMO said its operating revenues fell 0.2% in the year ending March 31 to 4.46 trillion Japanese yen (43.9 billion US dollars). However, it forecast that revenues will rise by 3% to 4.59 trillion yen in the year ending March 31, 2015.

Kaoru Kato, CEO, said: "We are getting back on track toward growth through measures aimed at medium-term growth, including improvements in customer satisfaction through new billing plan offerings, fully leveraging the impact of our introduction of the iPhone and new devices and services, enhancement of our network, and a transformation of our business portfolio."

Japan's largest mobile operator reported that its average revenue per user fell to 4,390 yen in the quarter ending March 31 from 4,670 yen in the same quarter last year. However, its so-called Smart ARPU rose to 500 yen from 460 yen. NTT DOCOMO defines Smart ARPU as revenues from sale of content, collection of charges, advertising, handset insurance and other sources.  The operator' said 7.69 million people now subscribe to content from its dMarket app store. source: DOCOMO presentation

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