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Thursday, March 6, 2014

T-Mobile USA Lifts Telekom

Deutsche Telekom said it expects group revenues to rise slightly in 2014, after it reported a 0.8% rise, in organic terms, for 2013. In the fourth quarter, organic revenues rose 2.8% driven by a strong performance by T-Mobile USA. Although Telekom's mobile service revenues fell 1.8% in Germany, it claimed to have gained market share in its home market, as well as the U.S..

Deutsche Telekom said it invested 8.9 billion euros in 2013, not including expenses for mobile spectrum totaling 2.2 billion euros. "That is 10.5% more than the previous year," it said. "In the current year, the group will again forge ahead with its investment drive in the fixed network and mobile communications."

T-Mobile USA's service revenue climbed 25% in the fourth quarter driven by a sharp increase in net customer additions. "We could achieve our original ambition level for 2015 of around 6 billion euros (in free cash flow) if we were to slam the door in the face of the customer rush in the United States. That's not what we want. The market is offering us the opportunity to achieve a different ambition: value-driven customer growth in the United States that translates into an increase in the value of the company," said Thomas Dannenfeldt, CFO at Deutsche Telekom. source: Deutsche Telekom statement

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