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Thursday, March 14, 2013

China Mobile Capex to Climb Sharply

China Mobile said its operating revenues rose 6.1% in 2012 to 560.4 billion Chinese yuan (90 billion US dollars), as revenue from wireless data traffic soared almost 54%, prompting it to invest heavily in network capacity. China Mobile noted that it has "maintained its competitive advantage in terms of scale by expanding its total customer base to 710 million, including 88 million 3G customers." 

Within China Mobile's applications and information services business, its "mobile reading" revenues rose 74% and its mobile video revenues 64%. However, the giant telco saw its SMS and MMS revenue decline by 5% in 2013. It warned that it faces "intense challenges and development pressures, including greater penetration in mobile communications and a more complex competitive landscape. The emergence of new technologies and businesses, particularly in Internet, magnified the impact and substitution effect on the traditional communications sector."

China Mobile said its network utilisation has risen by 10.8 percentage points and it now has a total of 280,000 3G base stations of which 65,000 have been newly built. Still, it plans to increase capital spending by 49% in 2013 to 190.2 billion yuan (31 billion US dollars), as it rolls out a commercial TD-LTE network. source: China Mobile presentation

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