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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy SIII - Too Many Features and Flaws

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a highly-capable, high-spec handset with some significant design flaws. That's my conclusion after using this Android smartphone for four months.
I am frustrated with three aspects of the user interface:

1. The touchscreen is too sensitive, so the clumsy end up doing all kinds things they didn't mean to do - taking screenshots, opening random apps and turning off features, such as screen rotation.

2. The menu buttons at the base of the handset are too small for people with large hands. When I press a menu button, I often end up hitting the banner advert at the bottom of the screen, taking me to places I don't want to go.

3. The Galaxy SIII ships with too many overlapping apps. For example, my handset came with the ChatOn app, an Email app, a Gmail app, a Messaging app, a Messenger app and a Talk app. There is also a Samsung Apps icon, as well as Google's Play Store, highlighting how the Google and Samsung ecosystems are vying for attention in this one device. I just want simplicity!

Still, the Galaxy SIII has a great screen, which makes even average photos look vibrant and appealing.   And voice calls are a lot clearer than with my old Nexus One.

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