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Thursday, September 27, 2012

RIM Predicts Several Challenging Quarters

Research In Motion Limited  said its revenue in the three months ended June 2, 2012 was 43% lower than in the same quarter of 2011 at 2.8 billion US dollars. It shipped 7.8 million BlackBerry smartphones and 260,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets in the quarter, compared with 13.2 million BlackBerry handheld devices and 500,000 tablets a year earlier.

Thorsten Heins, President and CEO,said “Our top priority going forward is the successful launch of our first BlackBerry 10 device, which we now anticipate will occur in the first quarter of calendar 2013. In parallel with the roll out of BlackBerry 10, we are aggressively working with our advisors on our strategic review and are actively evaluating ways to better leverage our assets and build on our strengths, including our growing BlackBerry subscriber base of approximately 78 million, our large enterprise installed base, our unique network architecture and our industry leading security capabilities.”

RIM said "it expects the next several quarters to continue to be very challenging for its business based on the increasing competitive environment, lower handset volumes, potential financial and other impacts from the delay of BlackBerry 10, pressure to reduce RIM’s monthly infrastructure access fees, and the Company’s plans to continue to aggressively drive sales of BlackBerry 7 handheld devices." source: RIM statement

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