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Saturday, December 3, 2011

RIM Warns of Sales Stumble

RIM said it shipped approximately 14.1 million BlackBerry smartphones in the quarter ended November 26, 2011. In the equivalent quarter last year, RIM sold 14.2 million Blackberries. RIM added that it sold approximately 150,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets in the quarter and sell-through to end customers, based on RIM’s internal data, was higher than this amount.

However, the Ontario-based company warned that adjusted revenue in the quarter, excluding a charge against revenue of approximately 50 million US dollars related to the service outage that occurred in the quarter, is expected to be slightly lower than the previously guided range of between 5.3 billion and 5.6 billion dollars, "reflecting product mix and the impact of PlayBook sell-through programs in the quarter." In the equivalent quarter last year, RIM's sales were 5.5 billion dollars.

RIM said it is still in the process of finalizing its outlook for the current quarter, but based on preliminary estimates, RIM expects unit shipments in the fourth quarter to be below third quarter levels. source: RIM statement

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