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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Competitive Pressure on China Mobile

China Mobile said its operating revenue reached 212.91 billion Chinese yuan (31.13 billion US dollars) for the six months ended June 30, representing an increase of almost 9% over the same period of last year, compared with growth of almost 16% throughout 2008.

The company said it added almost 36 million new customers taking the total customer number to 493 million, while 3G customers climbed to 959,000 by the end of June 2009. It added that its "value-added business", which includes messaging and wireless music services, grew rapidly and now accounts for 28% of total revenue.

"Macroeconomic slowdown, a rising mobile communications penetration rate and changes in the competitive environment of the telecommunications industry in China have posed challenges to the development of the Group's business in the first half of 2009" the company observed. But it added that "China's economy is stabilizing and continues to grow." source: China Mobile statement

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